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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject [docs] new doc sections
Date Mon, 13 May 2002 19:34:42 GMT
I committed some preliminary new pages and navigational structures for 
FAQs, How-Tos, and Tutorials to the head branch. A few notes for those 

I refactored the existing FAQ file into pages representing FAQ 
categories. Please consider this an *interim* step. We're anticipating 
an onslaught of user-contributed FAQs, so this will facilitate the patch 
application effort. This allowed us to continue to use the existing FAQ 
dtd (instead of remaining paralyzed by another dtd debate). I plan to 
propose a new dtd for FAQs, based on CMS and other issues, for 
discussion on Forrest asap.

I wrote a few basic How-Tos to aid the efforts of authors currently 
willing to contribute. You'll note it's based on the current document 
dtd. A how-to dtd discussion is also planned on Forrest asap. Please 
also note that the index.xml file is manually edited for the present 
time. Once the howto.dtd is finalized, its content will probably be 

I moved the existing tutorial into this new directory and added our 
first user contribution, noted as draft. Please see separate email for 
more details. I left the original tutorial.xml in place in case someone 
wants me to preserve version history. I wasn't sure how to accomplish 
this, with both a move and a name change. A tutorial dtd discussion is 
also planned on Forrest asap. I'm also finalizing a draft version of 
How-To Write a Tutorial. Also, the index.xml file is manually edited, 
but automation is planned.



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