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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject Live Site Update procedure ?s
Date Tue, 28 May 2002 17:50:57 GMT
I finally checked out the live site html files at /xml-
site/targets/cocoon. I'm following up on a request to update the links 
pages made late last week on this list. A few questions.

1. I don't see how to update the live site safely without copying all 
html files generated from a release branch doc build into my local cvs 
copy. I'd worry about broken links otherwise. However, copying the build 
results, to a local checked out version of the xml-site/targets/cocoon 
seems like a PITA. Can anyone suggest a command line shortcut to 
expedite copying the build result files to my local cvs copy?

2. If, on the other hand, only specific html files are updated to 
xml-site/targets/cocoon, is there a way to check for broken links, 
within locally updated html files in my cvs copy, prior to committing? I 
haven't checked out the entire xml-site module, so I don't know if I was 
missing a useful script.

3. Now that I've downloaded the xml-site files myself, I see that Ivelin 
successfully linked his docs in through existing developer docs. Whether 
or not you agree that his files should be on the live site, it appears 
the cron job isn't picking up the update. What do we need to do about 



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