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From "Brian Topping" <>
Subject RE: New Technologies Sample App
Date Wed, 29 May 2002 11:22:37 GMT
Oops, looks like Andy Coliver proposed something similar a few months ago (just saw it because
his email address sorts early :-)  Sorry to other list folks for the gaffe!

Andy: Anything in here match up with what you were considering?  Catch up off-list?


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> From: Brian Topping 
> Sent: Wednesday, May 29, 2002 5:22 AM
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> Subject: New Technologies Sample App
> Wow, I looked away for a few weeks and there are all these 
> new technologies on Cocoon!  Forrest, XMLForm, the sunShine 
> initiative -- wow!!  
> I'm sitting here thinking that I want to use these 
> technologies on the site I am bringing together.  I 
> understand that they may not be ready for prime time, but I'm 
> finding that the alternatives (i.e. Jetspeed) need enough 
> rework that they could lose whatever robustness they might 
> have had to start with.  If I'm not the only one thinking 
> this, there is probably some critical mass waiting to explode here!
> So since I am going to be pulling together an application for 
> my work, it seemed to make sense to publish the app skeleton 
> under scratchpad.  The idea would be a "best practices" 
> application that could 1) showcase the technologies, 2) form 
> an integration laboratory to ensure the technologies that are 
> involved grow together instead of away from each other (ala 
> Gump), and 3) possibly become a target in a JUnit test 
> regimen for nightly builds.
> If that sounds good so far, I'm interested in getting a pulse 
> on what projects ought to be at the party.  The goal of my 
> outside project is actually a commerce-enabled CMS portal.  
> This would be like where some items are only 
> available to paying subscribers.  So I see that I would want 
> to use the sunRise for authentication to those areas, and 
> sunSpot for the portal functionality.  The forms to be 
> completed to establish an account would be done through 
> XMLForms (haven't been able to find the documentation on it 
> yet, but I'm still looking).  I'm not too familiar yet with 
> Schecoon, but since the app needs to be built using MVC, if 
> we can wedge it in, all the better.  It would be great to get 
> a CMS into the mix, one that could trigger Forrest to 
> generate and deploy as many static pages that need to be, 
> based on changes in the CMS.  Finally, the entire project 
> should be documented with Forrest, although I have to admit 
> wishing that we had something like Maven in place because of 
> the build system elements...
> Am I missing any projects that would benefit the 
> demonstration application?  Anything that makes development 
> easier?  When this is done, someone should be able to quickly 
> generate a Cocoon application by using this project as template.
> Any all comments / suggestions / OT / RT welcome and appreciated!
> Brian
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