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From Heidi Brannan <>
Subject Best way to build & test webapps
Date Wed, 15 May 2002 17:35:38 GMT

>Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 18:31:46 +0100
>From: Heidi Brannan <>
>  Is this the best way to go about building and testing a cocoon webapp 
> (see below)?
>I want to
>      a) write a how to on how to build and test a webapp
>      b) write an XMLForms How-To and
>      c) use Cocoon in a commercial project
>First you must deploy it and before you can do that you must set up a role 
>that allows you to deploy apps dynamically.
>Step 1
>Set up a user to manage apps on the server
>(See the How to section: Configuring Manager Application Access 
>Step 2
>Run build webapp-local (I think that was the command look it up with build 
>-project help if not)
>Step 3
>Install your webapp that has been built in the build directory of cocoon
>(See How to section : Install A New Application)
>Step 4
>Verify your app is loaded
>(See How to section: List Currently Deployed and Installed Applications)
>Step 5
>Test your application
>Step 6
>Make some changes
>Step 7
>Rebuild your webapp with build webapp-local
>Step 8
>Reload your application
>See How To section: Reload An Existing Application
>Repeat steps 4 through to 8 until it works or you go to bed. When you 
>start again the next day you need to start from step 1.
>I do not know how the caching in Cocoon will affect this process.
>Many thanks for your advice and help

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