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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject [report] xml-site update
Date Fri, 31 May 2002 16:56:02 GMT
I just synced the live site repository with the most recent the release 
branch docs build. I have not *yet* attempted to examine or sync any 
docs found in api/ or dist/ . Here's how I did it.

1. I checked out the latest live site version from /home/cvs/xml-

2. I performed a docs build from the latest release branch.

3. From the command line, I used diff -r to compare the docs build and 
live site directories. I ignored any reported differences in CVS, api, 
or dist  directories on the live site.

4. I updated my local copy of the live-site cvs, based on the results of 
the diff.

5. Before committing/adding/removing anything, I performed a local links 
check (using a third-party tool) on the revised live-site directory on 
my local machine.

6. I added, committed, and removed files from the live site cvs.

7. Performed a cvs release on /xml-site/targets/cocoon to make sure I 
didn't miss anything.

If anyone would like to check my work, please check out the live site 
files. If anyone can suggest a better way to update the live site, until 
Forrest is operational :-), I'm all ears! I'm going to write a how-to on 
the process, but I'll wait for comments first.



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