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From Michael Hartle <>
Subject WYSIWYG XML editor via JS/ActiveX
Date Wed, 29 May 2002 12:36:51 GMT
Hello all,

some time ago, I started working on an semantical oriented, yet WYSIWYG 
XML editor for IE 5.5+, after being unsatisfied with some aspects of 
Xopus. It is not yet finished and lacks some aspects (content changes 
work, structural changes don't), but the basic components are there. I 
think this editor can be extended to support both IE and Mozilla; I am 
willing to donate it to the ASF.

For the interested who have a WebDAV-enabled directory available 
somewhere (e.g. most Tomcat users should have a webdav/ webapp 
available), grab yourself the contents of this zip archive and extract 
it into a directory called editor/ below the webdav/ directory. Then 
visit Microsoft at

and download the "CAB file for Redistribution"; it contains an 
executable which in turn contains the necessary; put this cab 
file into the editor/ directory, too, as it allows the ActiveX 
components for needed client-side XML and XSLT functionality to be 
offered for installation when needed.

When going to http://<yourserver>:<yourport>/webdav/editor/test.html, 
you might be asked to install the signed Microsoft ActiveX-component for 
MSXML4, if it is not available on your client; this is for side-by-side 
install, so this should not hurt anything. Finally you see the sample 
page; here, click on "Load", then feel free to edit content; when ready, 
click on "Save"; you can check your results by clicking on "View XML". 
Drag'n'Drop and Cut'n'Paste work as they should; Right-mouse click shows 
some bonus information, just click on the yellow box to make it vanish.

Have fun, fire at will ;)

Best regards,

Michael Hartle,
Hartle & Klug GbR

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