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From Tom Amiro <Tom.Am...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: XSLTC and Cocoon
Date Fri, 17 May 2002 13:58:33 GMT
Hi Ivelin,

We started working on this and got distracted. Here was the 
last email Stefano sent. If this information is still 
good, I'll try to set up a test case here so we can 
debug whatever bugs are preventing XSLTC from working in 


> Since many bugs that I find in xsltc aren't simply reproducible by
> running the scripts from command line, I prepared a WAR file with a
> prebuild Cocoon that uses Xalan XSLTC as the XSLT processor for some
> parts of it.
> 1) the /status page
> 2) the /documentation/* pages
> You can find the WAR package here:
> To install it on your servlet container of choice follow the
> instructions at:

Ivelin Ivanov wrote:
> Is someone actively working on integrating XSLTC in Cocoon?
> Stefano felt strongly that XSLTC should be ultimately the default stylesheet
> processor in Cocoon.
> Can someone comment on how far are we from this goal?
> People keep discussing benchmarks for various XSLT interpreters, trying to
> make the best choice. I think we've already agreed that nothing beats XSLTC
> .. that is when it works.
> Regards,
> Ivelin

 Tom Amiro -- SQA Engineer
 Sun XML Technology Development
 voice: 781-442-0589 Fax: 781-442-1437

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