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From Robert Koberg <>
Subject Re: file naming convention
Date Tue, 07 May 2002 13:21:09 GMT
While I agree that it is not that important (currently), but if it is so 
pedantic why did you respond (with examples)?

You say docs should be written for an international audience... English 
is not the only language in the world. Creating localization 
sub-projects would only be translations of the main docs project to a 
particular language. It would not take anything away from the base docs 

[again, this is probably not the time for cocoon, but slamming a 
discussion on it is wrong, imo. But why not at least create an 
infrastructure that allows for localization??]

Yes, there is a great deal of work to set up the docs project so it can 
stand the test of time. Saying a discusion is stupid is stupid. If no 
one agrees then it dies...

As far as pedantry goes, I have seen (by some/most) a very narrowly 
focused response on how to do docs for an OS project from the 
committers. This response has been let's keep things the same, change is 


Andrew C. Oliver wrote:

> Oh man...  This is very pedantic.  I prefer to see ACTUAL REAL 
> documentation rather than rejected documentation based on some minor 
> colloquiallism that irritated someone.  I'm an American, I work with 
> someone from Austrailia, several folks from GB have contributed, 
> Indian folks, etc.  And in text I have no difficulty reading ANY of 
> their dialects.  The documentation should be written to an 
> international audience and thats enough said.  Avoid slang and the 
> such and you should have no trouble making the reader understand.  Of 
> course seeing this is technical documentation that should NOT be hard.
> This is the classic *stupid* Apache discussion, there is all kinds of 
> important work to be done in the documentation and we're worrying 
> about something pedantic.  The documenation should be understandable 
> by an international audience.  Thats enough.  The rest is up to the 
> contributer.

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