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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject Re: HSSFSerializer on away mission
Date Fri, 03 May 2002 13:50:30 GMT
Maybe you could collaborate with Ken who is working on moving pieces of 
the serializer to an XML serialization project called Morphos.  Its in 
jakarta commons.  

If you do that you end up with free maintenance (of a non-cocoon 
ken gets to not have to apply my patches any more (except for doco),
I get to apply patches quicker (have commit access to commons)

So its a win for all.  However, my avalon knowledge is insufficient to 
contribute anything meaningful to initiating the effort.

Its funny no one ever had asked to use it outside cocoon until it was 
already in cocoon ;-)  (everyone kept talking about what a pain in the 
butt it was to get it into cocoon).  In the end I think Sylvain and 
Giacomo were on the ball on this one and I was caught sleeping.


Sven Kuenzler wrote:

>I need  to use the HSSFSerializer w/o Cocoon. I already had a look at the
>ProcessingPipeline to figure out how to setup up a serializer appropiately.
>At the moment, I get a NPE in getLogger().  So I guess I also have to
>provide an Avalon environment. Can somebody please give me a hint what steps
>are required for a minimal Avalon setup for serializers?
>    Thanks, Sven....
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