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From Robert Koberg <>
Subject Re: Document Gestation Process?
Date Wed, 01 May 2002 13:36:47 GMT

Steven Noels wrote:

>>>See Steven/Ken excellent news to forrest-dev.
>>I know, but it was my understanding there are administrative
>>uncertainties about how/if the automatic update is triggered.
>>If we need
>>a manual update, say for a couple of pages, is that something a
>>committer can do? Sorry, I just don't know the process.
>The process is likely to be based on a cron job which periodically
>(twice a day) fetches Forrest-compatible CVS modules, and generates the
>documentation based on a unified skin - quite similar to Gump. Only the
>infrastructure currently is in place (i.e. a Linux box which is
>well-connected to the Internet, Java and Ant), this will be a test setup
>until someone is willing to give us access to ASF-owned equipment
>(nagoya or the like).
>Apparently, integration with Gump runs is not likely, yet.
>As usual: help is welcome :-)

Is there a way to flag something as:

1. work-in-progress (cron reports what work still needs to be done)
2. in QA (cron reports what is still in QA - QA can knock it back down 
to editorial/work-in-progress)
3. certified to be generated into docs (cron job picks these up to 
generate the site)


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