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From ROSSEL Olivier <>
Subject Bug report in SourceWritingTransformer (C2.0.2 with scratchpad)
Date Mon, 27 May 2002 14:10:33 GMT
*1* The archive:
This simple Cocooon app is made to show a bug in the
Decompress it into your mount/ directory.

*2* The URL:
try to access the URL:

*3* The XML in the browser:
Then you will see a XML that is made of two parts:
first part is the report of a sourceWriting transformer into the file
The second part is simply the content of this file.

*4* The theorical behaviour:
The (only) pipeline is made to increment automatically the content of the
<foobar> element of the file input.xml, each time the pipeline is executed.

*5* The real behaviour:
But if you use reload several times in your browser, you see that the 
increment is done only once in two reloads.

*6* The sitemap:
Having a look at the sitemap, you will see that the file input.xml
is accessed both by the generator and by the sourceWriting transformer.

*6* The possible problem:
The problem seems to be that the SourceWriting transformer cannot
update the file because it is "locked" by the generator.
This lock is released when the generator uses the cache to get the content 
of the file instead of the file itself. In that case, the file is not locked
and the SourceWriting transformer can update the file without problem.

*7* The (BIG) bug:
The bug is that the sourceWriting transformer always reports "success"
even if the file could not be updated at all.

*8*: The wish:
Correcting the sourceWriting transformer reporting code is necessary.
Or you will never be sure if the sourceWriting transformer
really made the job.

The best thing is to be able to read AND write a file in the same pipeline,
and have the correct reporting.

*9* THE END !!!

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