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From TREGAN Fabien <>
Subject RE: [doc] volunteer, grouping topics
Date Wed, 15 May 2002 11:08:14 GMT
One of the main problem I hade when I started using "web documented" project
(it was CSS docs, XML/DOM, XSL, tomcat, I was young :) was to find a doc I
can understand.
Later, my problem was to find a doc without all that newbies blabla.

So I think that best topics grouping is the intended-audience-groumpings.

Another problem with cocoon is that you must learn three differents things :
  1- cocoon concepts (pipelines, sourceHandlers, ...)
  2- Avalon concepts (pools, roles, parameters, ...)
  3- realworld practice (ok, i know what's a pipeline, but how do I getthis
to works)
Of course, everyone is able to understand the following sentence : "Since
the cinclude transformer use urls that are handled by the cocoon
SourceHandler component, if you have an avalon source that is XMLizable, you
can use it with cocoon cinclude transformer provided that you registered the
sourcefacotry of your source with the sourceHandler in the sitemap, and then
cocoon will benefit from your source being (avalon)cacheable, and use avalon
pooling system if your source is not threadsafe. [1]"

But /understand/ a sentence does not mean /learn/ from it.

So, in my opinion, actual docs should be grouped like this :

---Discover Cocoon---

-Basic cocoon feature
   -matchers & selectors
   -generators (file)
   -transformers (xslt)
-Basic "avalon" feature
-Advanced cocoon features

---RealWorld Cocoon---

-other generators
-other tranformers

---Cocoon Extensions---

-scratchpade things

---Extending Cocoon---

-How to code Cocoon Component
-How to deploy Cocoon Component
-tutorial (with separated infos about Cocoon concepts and Avalon concepts)

Hope this help. Maybe a lot of mistake, but main idea is there :)


[1] quote from the tutorial i'm working on... wip :)

>-----Message d'origine-----
>De: Diana Shannon []
>Date: mercredi 15 mai 2002 12:26
>Objet: [doc] volunteer, grouping topics
>Would someone like to help decide meaningful grouping topics for 
>Cocoon-related documents? I started to do this for the revised FAQ 
>documents, based on existing FAQ content. It needs to be expanded and 
>revised. Perhaps someone could expand/edit what I've started 
>and post to 
>this list for comments/revisions. I'd like to use it for all 
>including snippets, tutorials, and how-tos.
>Thanks a lot.
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