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Subject Re: [docs] opensource and quality control
Date Wed, 15 May 2002 16:43:22 GMT

> >
> >So what to do, what to do... ?

As I understand the problem is to understand the total
effects of a patch.
Thus you path the code, try some sample, and if 
it works you say it is fixed.

The side effects of a patch, or an enhancement you may
or may not understand depending on the total insight
into to whole codebase.

Now one step to keeping a stable HEAD maybe having
a bunch of JUnit Tests available.

Thus after applying a patch, or implementing an enhancement
you run the JUnit tests, and you might see - depending
on the completness of the tests that still everything is fine,
or the patch has some unwanted side effects.

Thus building up a JUnit test base might help to keep
a stable codebase

bye Bernhard

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