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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: DatabaseSelectAction question
Date Wed, 29 May 2002 08:07:29 GMT
On 28.May.2002 -- 11:22 PM, John Austin wrote:
> I posted a question on cocoon-users a while ago asking for  help with 
> this Action class and took the source code upstairs with me to watch the
> end of the NHL playoff game (Trawna lost in overtime - hooray!).

Next time, please open a new thread. Many MUAs fold threads based on
In-Reply-To ids and not by subject.

> I am reasonably certain that DatabaseSelectAction isn't useful as it is 
> in 2.0.1 (looks the same in 2.0.3) and would like to know whether 
> anyone on cocoon-devel feels the class should be worked on.

There is a replacement in scratchpad for 2.0.3 and in main trunk for
2.1. There's even a user doc for it (2.0.3 -> CVS).

> The class is very short right now but it appears to have some 
> questionable structure. I suspect it is a work-in-progress so please 
> don't recieve my criticism negatively. At the very least, I would like 
> to add some comments to the code and thereby to the JavaDoc.

I believe that the original database actions are not actively worked


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