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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: [RT] InputModules for sitemap variables
Date Mon, 27 May 2002 08:03:37 GMT
On 26.May.2002 -- 01:50 PM, Sylvain Wallez wrote:
> Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> >From: "Sylvain Wallez" <>

> >>So the following snippet (copied from RequestParamAction javadoc) :
> >> <map:act type="request">
> >>   <map:parameter name="parameters" value="true"/>
> >>   <map:generate src="users/menu-{id}.xml">
> >> </map:act>
> >>
> >>could be written more simply :
> >> <map:generate src="users/menu-{request-param:id}.xml"/>
> >>
> >
> >It doesn't bring new functionality, creates duplicate ways of doing the
> >*same* thing, and breaks compatibility with old sitemap.
> >All this in favor of a more compact syntax.
> >
> Wow, this is harsh !
> My opinion is that it brings more *usability* in the sitemap, since 
> there is currently no *simple* way to substitute anything else than 
> sitemap variables. This led to what I consider to be a degenerate use of 
> matchers and actions to populate these variables.

I'd like to second you on that.

> Concerning compatibility, the colon separator is just a proposal, and we 
> have to see if anybody already uses it. If some people do, there are 
> other possible syntaxes, such as "attaching" module substitution to the 
> root of the variable tree, i.e. "menu-{/request-param:id}.xml". Since 
> '/' is currently used to travel up the hierarchy, I'm pretty sure nobody 
> uses it as the first character of variable names.

I like this idea of using the root space for this. OTOH after a bit
consideration I'd be happy without "/" as well.


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