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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: [C2.1] Moving scratchpad goodies to main trunk
Date Fri, 17 May 2002 10:52:56 GMT
> Open source is about itch scratching, and with no itches, there is no
> scratching.
> We need to get more people to work on it, more people interested.
> Scratchpad stuff is a one-man-show thing, or anyway limited, as the help
> Ovidiu has had on his excellent work has clearly shown.
> If we move it when it's perfect, nobody will look at it.

...well, you might be right. I guess this is again how we see the main trunk 
or HEAD. this reminds me on the thread of reviewing and committing patches 
from bugzilla...

Questions are:
how stable in terms of running and how stable in terms of interface contracts 
should the HEAD be? And what is a scratchpad for?

We already ship with a build.xml that provides easy scatchpad integration.
I guess this all about personal defintions... if we put everything into the 
maintrunk - why do we have a scratchpad then?

> In firms, you throw more resources at it.
> Our resources are contributors, and we need to get them involved.

why wouldn't we get them involved on what is in scratchpad?

A guy just contacted me off the list - not using cocoon before... he found the 
precept stuff in our scratchpad was very excited on looking into cocoon and 
the form handling stuff. So why shouldn't people already involved in cocoon 
not find the scratchpad stuff?

> IMO your -1s don't stand, even more now that 2.1 is in ALPHA.

...but I think we are still *very* careful before changing anything big in 2.1
even if it's considered ALPHA again now. Is this what we need to change then?
Now if we move stuff from scratchpad into the main trunk I fear the same thing 
could happen to that code. It feels so easy to change stuff in scratchpad - 
because everyone knows: there are no contracts yet. Ask yourself: how easy 
you would change interfaces in HEAD compared with scratchpad?

That's all I am up to...

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