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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: [docs] opensource and quality control
Date Wed, 15 May 2002 12:23:14 GMT
On Wednesday 15 May 2002 12:00, Gerhard Froehlich wrote:
> Hi,
> >I think that we already have this. It is the duty of the
> >committer to undertake initial quality control when they
> >accept the patch from Bugzilla and prepare for their
> >commit. If they do not know anything about the topic, then
> >they should not be taking on the patch - let someone else
> >do it.
> Who is someone else? Patches in bugzilla are very lonely in
> the moment. There are simply not applied. Why? Because there
> about 600 classes in Cocoon, about 10 active committers and
> nobody feels responsible. It's easy to say, oh I didn't
> wrote this code, therefor I can't apply this patch. But
> patches like NPE fixes, can be applied by every committer, I
> swear!

Well, I guess every committer feels responsible for what he is committing. 
Although this is good this is also the problem. Who can say he is fully aware 
if the patch does not break anything else... If it's your code - well, then 
you do know better what he is doing and if it still breaks something - well, 
you are the one in charge... That's different when you apply a patch from 
someone else...

I guess bugfixes are not the problem but larger rewrites and additions...

Simple "improvements" can easily break other stuff (as e.g. on of the last 
esql improvements that took me a couple of hours to fix. No accusation but a 
fact. And you we are all short in time...)

Maybe we try too hard to keep HEAD stable?

...but I like a quite stable HEAD so it's easier to type "cvs update" without 
the fear of breaking your current system ;-)

So what to do, what to do... ?

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