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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: [docs] opensource and quality control
Date Wed, 15 May 2002 06:55:08 GMT
On Wednesday 15 May 2002 07:45, David Crossley wrote:
>. . .
> So, let us develop a procedure whereby the opensource
> model is still employed, yet there is initial quality control.
>. . .

Following the opensource model, I think docs should be released as early as 
possible, with only minimal initial quality control but clearly flagged as 
"draft" or something.  AND it must be very easy for all readers to give their 
feedback on the docs so that they can be improved.

As opposed to code, docs are not easily declared "right" or "wrong", they can 
start "usable" and become "great" over time I think. 

Ideally readers should be able to add their comment directly on the docs 
pages, but as this is not possible today here I suggest the following 
mechanism, which would be easy to implement:

a) each doc has a status attribute: draft, reviewed, reliable, etc.

b) each doc has a unique ID 

c) something like this published at the top of each document (auto-generated 
from the "status" and "doc-id" attributes)

document status: 
document id: 
confidence level: 
  this information has not been verified yet, please comment if you find 
  mistakes in it
send comments/corrections about this document to: with "[doc-comments:12.452]" in subject line

(include a "mailto" link for this and a link to a page that explains the docs 
feedback process)

Provided this is compatible with the current plan for the docs publishing 
mechanism, I'd be willing to implement the necessary changes.


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