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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: [RT] evolutionary development processes (feedback, graphical communications)
Date Tue, 07 May 2002 06:46:08 GMT
On Sunday 05 May 2002 16:36, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
>. . .
> For us europeans it's very strange to know that there are individuals 
> who don't believe in the theory of biological evolution. 
> Everybody (even religious people) take it for granted. 
>. . .

Although feelings might be stronger in the US, I disagree that everybody in 
Europe takes the theory of biological evolution for granted (well, I'm only 
half-european I guess, geographically but unfortunately not politically ;-). 
Evolution vs. creation is debated around here as much as around most of the 
planet I think.

But I fully agree that we have to "evolve" software, we're not good enough to 
"create" it (how about if God decided to write Cocoon 3 ;-)

>. . .
> 3) many small steps are better than one big step, even if they achieve
> the same result. Why? because environmental feedback enters the loop on
> every step. . .

yes yes yes!
Feedback, it's all about feedback.
I keep telling my coworkers and students to commit and publish their work as 
often as possible, it makes a huge difference in quality.

>. . .
> 4) even design can be made public and incremental: with the right amount
> of abstraction, paper design can lead to discovery of problems even
> before the system is built. 
>. . .

Agreed. Paper (vs. complex drawing software that slows down your own feedback 
loop) is an important tool here IMHO. 

I like the Agile Modeling idea ( of sharing design 
models as early as possible by not bothering to make them pretty first. Send 
in your scanned back-of-an-envelope design models please!

Maybe distributed development processes would benefit from graduating from 
mostly text-based communication to more graphical forms - jpeg scans of 
hand-drawn design sketches would help getting more feedback at the design 
level IMHO.

My 2 not-even-euro centimes.

 Bertrand Delacrétaz (,

 buzzwords: XML, java, XSLT, cocoon, mentoring/teaching/coding.
 disclaimer: eternity is very long. mostly towards the end. get ready.

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