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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: [vote] cocoon-docs
Date Mon, 06 May 2002 12:49:07 GMT
On 06.May.2002 -- 08:03 AM, Diana Shannon wrote:
> I'm ready to put my full support behind the creation of a separate docs 
> lists for the documentation effort *if* enough developers on this list 
> will agree to monitor the list and participate when their expertise is 
> needed. Otherwise, the list will die, and we'll have to move the 
> discussion back to cocoon-dev.
> I hope developers will consider it a good investment of their time to 
> contribute feedback to authors on the doc-list who may need a few 
> pointers now and then. This investment should pay off by reducing your 
> need to answer a lot of "low-level" questions on the user list.
> I think a separate list will accelerate the documentation effort, 
> particularly in the planning stages. I also think it will provide a more 
> inviting, less formal way for authors to get feedback on their 
> contributions.

I beg to differ: I believe the cost to join the documentation team is
much higher if it were a separate community. I even tend to say that
the cocoon-users list would be the best place for it! I think that
many documents were produced by new users that learned cocoon the hard
way and have written down their findings to help others. Well, at
least the documents I wrote started that way :-)

In addition, documentation efforts will be more visible to the
outside, which will be more motivating.

So I'm -1 on this.

Anyway, I would subscribe to such a list and sort it to the same inbox
as cocoon-users and cocoon-dev, so I wouldn't be able to tell the
difference ;-)


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