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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject Re: [LAW] Quick Lesson in Copyright Law (was RE: copyright for docs [was: Re: [Bugs] URLSource])
Date Mon, 20 May 2002 20:34:43 GMT
It was in reply to this

> I'm pretty sure this will change when the Apache web site
> runs Cocoon with process support (C3.x? <bg>). I imagine
> forms for applying for access, a workflow for signing,
> set up accounts, generating certificates, filing the
> paperwork...

(yes, I realize you were kidding) --  "greater confederation" refers to
Apache..  (I regard Apache as a confederation)


On Mon, 2002-05-20 at 16:07, J.Pietschmann wrote:
> Andrew C. Oliver wrote:
> > Oh man, and I nominate you to try and get that passed across the greater 
> > confederation.
> Try what? And what's "the greater confederation"?
> J.Pietschmann
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