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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject Re: [vote] cocoon-docs
Date Mon, 06 May 2002 15:36:23 GMT

On May 6, 2002, Carlos wrote:

> Cris:
> There are two types of documentation for any given project. The first 
> type
> is the one you mentioned where the user writes the documentation of 
> what he
> learnt and the process he followed to get things working.

Very important point of clarification, Carlos. Thanks.
> The second type, which I think Diana is looking for, is the more formal
> documentation like what now exists on the web site. It is created by
> developers and documents the software itself and the more complicated or
> obscure features of the software.  This second type of documentation 
> would
> benefit from a separate list to reduce the signal to noise radio on 
> both the
> cocoon-users and cocoon-dev list.

For the record, I care about *both*! I think the doc-effort should 
support both. Just because an effort exists on a separate list doesn't 
mean it can't take advantage of the strategic opportunities of the 
existing lists. For example, the posting of basic howtos drafts and QA 
testing is already occurring informally on the user list! That's great! 
I've been contacting these authors, and *all* are quite willing to 
submit a more structured version of their howtos! Some are even offering 
to write more! The user list is a great place for such activities! But 
if a potential author needs some advice, I still think a separate list 
is an asset.

A cocoon-doc list should be welcoming to all types of writing efforts -- 
if needed. As Carlos said, I think Cocoon's base documentation would 
also benefit from a separate list, where the focus is entirely on 
producing first-rate user documentation from a collective group of 
committed authors, including developers. This is similar with what 
happens on apache-docs. Their effort also concerns itself with 
facilitating i18n efforts.


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