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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Getting test cases written
Date Fri, 17 May 2002 02:50:33 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> John Morrison wrote:
> > It looks like you've quite a lot of experience writting unit tests,
> > would you mind giving us a hand starting them off?
> Our main interest is in the Portal stuff (what's the progress on 
> bringing that into the main branch) and the forms processing. The main 
> thing for me is that I need both these in the main trunk and stable 
> before I can move one of our main clients to Cocoon. So if the community 
> feels that unit tests are the best way to assist in making this happen 
> then I'll see what I can do, don't expect a flood of contributions, but 
> I'll do my best.
> ************************************************************************
> * If you have an area that commonly causes problems please let me know *
> ************************************************************************
> That is where I will focus my initial efforts.
> <snip/>
> Thanks for the info, time for me to go look in bugzilla and see if there 
> are any recurring bugs in another part of the system just waiting for 
> unit tests.

Wow. Ross, this is vital. So please do help to start the process.

The area that i have seen to cause a lot of grief is File URLs
(and a recent thread shows that it may be happening again).
One place that this issue arose was when we were getting the
Catalog Entity Resolver support into Cocoon. There was untold
grief when reports came in that it would work on UNIX but not
on Windows. After a fix it was then the other way around.

Bernhard Huber came to the rescue and add some JUnit tests
to help track it down. Many thanks again B. However, i remember
that Bernhard warned that JUnit tests could be hard to maintain.
 Re: BUG 5060, CommandlineContext

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