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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [vote] cocoon-docs
Date Tue, 07 May 2002 06:18:29 GMT
I vote +1 for the formation of a new cocoon-docs list.
My reasons ...

*) The main aim of this effort is to get Users involved in the
process. If they are forced to subscribe to cocoon-dev to
do this, then they could easily be frightened away by the
intensity of the general dev discussions. Pre-pending the
[DOC] tag to cocoon-dev email subject would help,
however i think that they would still be put off.

*) It would be an easy matter for all Developers to subscribe
to the new list. This should not make any difference to them,
as they can easily filter all messages into one inbox or filter
them into separate (dev, cvs, docs) inboxes.

*) When reviewing/searching archives for past discussion,
it is much more productive to have separate sources:

*) The argument to not have a separate list just because one
previous list failed, does not stand up. The main reason that
new lists fail is that people do not get involved at the beginning.
However, this case is different because all current developers
ARE going to get involved (hint, hint).

*) If we get normal users on cocoon-dev then we will tend to
get questions that do not belong there. This could be very
dangerous as it may reduce the productivity of the dev list.

--David Crossley

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