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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: file naming convention
Date Sat, 04 May 2002 05:18:18 GMT
I am fully with Bertand's naming convention ideas (below).
URLs that have some logic and so are memorable or guessable.

For FAQs the section-identifier structured number is good.
For other document types, i go with well-chosen topic names.

I also prefer the dash - to underscore _ because it has no
ambiguity in browsers that display blue underlined hyperlinks.

I do not think that FAQs and Howtos are "time-sensitive".
They should continually be reviewed. In fact, i find that when
a user sees an old date on a document or in its filename, then
they start to worry if they are looking at an out-of-date version.

I reckon that timestamp filenames should only be used for
documents that are published once and never updated,
such as news items, announcements, press releases, versions
of a standard.

Another issue is the use of plural versus singular
i.e. /cocoon/faqs/... versus /cocoon/faq/...
In Forrest we discussed this and decided on singular.


Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:
> Diana Shannon wrote:
> >. . .
> >
> >. . .
> I like numbers for FAQ items, or maybe structured numbers like 
> "faqs/03.0200/faq-03.200.html" meaning section 3 FAQ 200 (see below about the 
> redundancy in the filename).
> But for larger documents I much prefer descriptive names, which must be well 
> chosen. Worst case, if a name is changed you may leave a document with the 
> old name pointing to the new one.
> Problem with non-descriptive filenames is when someone saves the page 
> to disk (or prints it to PDF), loses the path and gets a document name like 
> "20020423.html". In this case "cocoon-rocket-launch-howto.html" is much 
> better IMHO, even if there is some redundancy between path and filename 
> (using - or _ as name separator, whatever).
> > 2. I assume we need to continue the use of extensions for static site
> > versions 
> >. . .
> yes, AND for lame browsers (that I won't name here ;-) that need a file 
> extension to know that a document is XML or HTML.
> -Bertrand

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