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From "Vadim Gritsenko" <>
Subject RE: processing serializer output on server
Date Tue, 07 May 2002 01:35:12 GMT
> From: []
> Thanks for the input.
> Sorry, I believe I was not clear the sitemap code I provided does not
>    ...
> <map:generate type="serverpages" src="sendmail.xsp">
>     <map:parameter name="email-attachment"
>     ...
> fails because supplying "cocoon:/generatepdf" as a parameter for the
> does not work.
> I debugged it and discovered Cocoon uses the provided String instead
> calling into the
> "cocoon:/generatepdf" pipeline fragment by resolving the String,
> not what I was expecting.
> That's too bad, because it would really be a cool feature.
> What does it take to get this working?

One line in XSP:



> I'd volunteer.
> From what you are saying I understand passing a Serializer's output
> another pipeline fragment
> only works with the src parameter of Generators and Readers.
> I guess that's why you are suggesting a reader.
> Unfortunately that's not going to work in my situation because
> I need to call my XSP workhorse for sending an email (or the
> like I mentioned earlier)
> All pipeline fragments I have seen that use a reader don't use any
> components like transformator, serializer etc.
> How would a reader help here?
> (I was not able to find much documentation about Readers and how they
> be applied in sitemaps.
> All I understand is they read and deliver binary content like images.)
> To recap:
> All I want to do is call a pipeline fragment that calls into another
> By calling in I mean a different pipeline fragment gets invoked that
does some
> stuff and returns an OutputStream.
> This Output Stream (a pdf stream in my case) is now going to be
processed by
> the calling pipeline fragment.
> In my case this means (an XSP or action) take(s) that Stream and send
off an
> email holding an attachment containing this Stream.
> (On a sidenote I am also considering sending a file, but this would
mean that
> someone has to save the Stream to a file prior to sending the email,
... now
> which component could do that?
> See, this is where I got stuck as well..)
> ;)
> Horst

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