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From "Ivelin Ivanov" <>
Subject Fw: XML Schema Components Infoset Model in Java by IBM is available on Partnerworld for Developers
Date Fri, 24 May 2002 13:22:53 GMT


Very interesting reading for those of you who asked about XML Schema API
I know a few people wanted to create XML instances from Schema.
Validation might be also improved with this.

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From: "Bob Schloss" <>
To: <>; <>
Sent: Friday, May 24, 2002 4:33 AM
Subject: XML Schema Components Infoset Model in Java by IBM is available on
Partnerworld for Developers

> There has been a lot of discussion (on various mailing lists) about the
> benefits of a standard API which would allow software that creates,
> examines or modify XML Schemas, written in Java, to do so in a way that
> represents the semantic XML schema components described in the W3C XML
> Schema specifications.
> In February, we shared with the W3C Schema and DOM working groups some
> thoughts about what such an API should try to do.  You can see those
> 'requirements' described here:
> XML-Schema-Infoset-API-Req.htm .
> I have been lucky to work with Ed Merks, part of the IBM Websphere Studio
> Application Developer (WSAD) development group, to define such an API and
> to produce a reference implementation.  Although we have not yet completed
> every last function we have in mind to implement, nor have we done any
> performance tuning, this API has been used successfully in building
> real XML and Web Services developer-time tools.  We have tried to make a
> reasonable and straightforward Javadoc, and have been grateful to have
> Shane Curcuru, who has worked on the Apache Xalan team, give us some
> guidance on how to do this.  We are aiming for an API which is very
> complete: not simply read-only, and able to handle any XML Schema, no
> matter how complex.  We tried to use the terminology from the W3C's XML
> Schema specifications in naming our classes/interfaces, methods, and
> constants.
> We have now made this work, including source code, UML, example usage code
> and documentation, available publically for the wider community to examine
> and use.  Donating a future version of this to some open source effort is
> possible, although I can't make a commitment on behalf of IBM at this
> Reaction and comments from the Apache community would strongly influence
> whether we do this.
> We encourage you to download our work.  You can do so through IBM's
> Partnerworld for Developers web pages.
> - shows how
> can get yourself an ID and password if you've never
>  joined Partnerworld for Developers
> - where you can find the XSD Feature, the name for the Schema Infoset
> (aka
> Although I am posting this notice here, I recommend that all discussion
> about this, at least until the end of June, take place in a single venue.
> I recommend that questions and comments be posted to
> (The archive is: .
> Instructions are here:  and here: http:
> // ).
> Note: I have posted this notice also to xerces-j-dev, xerces-j-user, and
> might post it to a few other xml and web services development lists.
> Bob Schloss
> XML/XSL Transformational Technologies
> IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

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