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From "Conal Tuohy" <>
Subject RE: file naming convention
Date Tue, 07 May 2002 00:04:25 GMT

> From: Diana Shannon []
> On May 5, 2002, David Crossley wrote:
> > Another issue to add to the list is standard spelling.
> > Considering that we are talking English, i would prefer
> > to see British English spelling rather than a dialect,
> > such as Americanization. For example:
> > howto-visualise-sitemap.html rather than
> > howto-visualize-sitemap.html

As a New Zealander, I also find American spelling an irritant: I'm always
typing "serialise" instead of "serialize", for instance, but I don't think
it's worth losing sleep over. (Or should that be "lozing sleep"? ;-)

> Don't get me wrong, I have *tremendous* respect for British
> English. Two
> of my most important editing references are my hefty
> two-volume edition
> of the Oxford English dictionary as well as Fowler's Modern English
> Usage. Grammar/expression is one thing, spelling is another. As an
> author, it simply isn't intuitive for me to follow British spelling
> conventions. As an editor, I'll respect whatever spelling
> convention the
> author chooses.

That's the idea!

> However, if British English fares better than
> American
> English in machine translation, for example, at Google, then I'd be
> willing to change my habits. I would guess they are treated equally.
> Does anyone know?

Google doesn't mind if you use American or the standard English orthography.
But Google is an American website and hence it prefers to use the American
spelling when translating TO English. I tested a translation of "visualise"
from English to another language and back, and I got "visualize" back. But I
don't think it's relevant ;-)



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