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From "Mikhail Fedotov" <>
Subject Re: Cocoon Marketing Position
Date Wed, 10 Apr 2002 16:50:52 GMT

> If we enter the 'pet shop' marketing arena, we might find
> ourselves having to fight J2EE from one side and .NET
> from the other.
> *this* is exactly the marketing and technical pressure
> that I don't think we can affort to stand at this
> very moment.

...then get rid of ideas that are leading to this and think
about other ways.

> Second: I'd rather market Cocoon as an awesome glue
> technology than a "new" way of doing stuff compared
> to J2EE or .NET.

And this is an example of another way. There are zillion of
ways. This one is better then first. Everything is going
right. ;-)

I would also present cocoon as an implementation of many
good ideas about web programming with having online forum
and articles on website I've been talking in another email.
The only problem is that someone has to write them.

For example, my mp3 encoding-related homepage (no files,
just info, all in russian) wasn't updated since 1999, but
it still has almost the same amount of visitors due to
forum available. Imagine that it could become if only I had
enough time. This page started from article there I've been
comparing information about all encoders and decoders I've
been known that time, some info about mp3 in general, and
that's it. Some guys wrote more specific articles after,
but noone implemented original idea of one big overview,
even now, then everything about mp3 seems to be stable and

One article about web technologies in general and problems
that cocoon is trying to solve, plus problems that other
major frameworks are trying to solve, all in positive
manner, should have impressive success. There are not so
many guys who are doing such things (even when there many
ones who are know enough to do this).


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