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From "Mikhail Fedotov" <>
Subject Re: Cocoon Marketing Position
Date Wed, 10 Apr 2002 16:18:15 GMT

> I second this: we shouldn't be competing with Struts,
> J2EE, .Net, and a gazillion other web frameworks out
> there.

Why ? I think we should highlight areas there cocoon is

If there would be some good article on how major frameworks
are compared by different parameters (1) plus online forum
for discussions(2), this could improve both creditability
and visibility.

You have two options - to become a good competitor, or to
become an outsider. If you have good technology, but didn't
put efforts to make it visible, you are loosing your
audience and community support like if you hadn't anything
to show.

If you are a good competitor, you have some other options.
For example, you can choose to be a creditable competitor,
or to be some badass marketing suit. And so on. I guess
most of your favorite choices are obvious, the problem is
with finding correct questions in proper time.

> And before we have *really* conquered the flow/webapp
> domain, we should focus on our strengths, i.e.
> XML-based web publishing.

We should always focus on strengths only and maybe even
make notes on existing weaknesses, to keep them in mind and
to prevent misunderstanding. Creditability rules(3).

> And as far as sexy web pages is concerned, we should
> remember that Apache is a community based on
> collaborative *source code* development, where good
> solid code and relevant documentation is more
> important than marketing-savvy web pages :-)

Take marketing in one hand, creditability in another one,
and mix them(4). Struts page has enough things to be
considered as a pure marketing (including questionable
sentences), but they are creditable and contain useful
information. You can get rid of questionable sentences, but
the first one of them would be that cocoon rules or XYZ
rules or xml is better than anything... you've got an idea.

Marketing as a technology has nothing to do with lies. If
all you have is your imagination, you can base you
marketing on lies, that's your life and you decisions. But
if you have real thing like Cocoon, you can use marketing
rules to present correct information about your software in
good way, and that's it. And, of course, you could push
marketing way too much and ruine everything. ;-) 

ps. There are many good bits of information on As well as many not so useful bits.

ps1. Docs.. docs are required of course. That was one of my
reasons to point out Struts page. They have links to things
like User's Manual, their structure also can be copied.
Structure of manuals.


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