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From "Mikhail Fedotov" <>
Subject Re: continuation fear (was Re: [status & RT] design challenges)
Date Wed, 10 Apr 2002 06:57:29 GMT

> Actually I think it might be good that you don't know the
> internals yet.

Really ? :) Yesterday I was discussing possibility to move
all shared constants from our project into one interface
after Cocoon's I've just checked out, there
were some my lines added to esql.xsl in times of 1.8.2, and
they are still there. I always wanted to participate in
development of it, I just don't have enough time.

BTW, I have one question about that I'm not
sure why you are writing Constants.CONTEXT_CLASSPATH when
you can just "implement" that interface and write
CONTEXT_CLASSPATH ? Just clearness of code or this is also
more efficient?

> The more you learn internals the more you get confused
> which part of Cocoon is cooler than the others :)

After reading this list for months and knowledge of cocoon
since 1.7.3, including patches for xerces to make
windows-1251 encoding work properly after looking thru
cocoon's code to find there and that should be patched, and
also writing cocoon-based part of one study course? :) I
know it, I just didn't participate in active development.

> If you come up with a nice cover text,
> I will give my vote for merging it into the front page.

I was trying to make someone came out and write it since
there is already some reference example. If this won't
happen, I'll try to do something.


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