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From Andrew Savory <>
Subject Re: Document Gestation Process?
Date Mon, 29 Apr 2002 14:45:14 GMT

Hi Diana,

On Mon, 29 Apr 2002, Diana Shannon wrote:

> Proposed process

As others have said, there seems to be quite a few steps! Low barrier to
entry has to be key to getting more documents written, so I'd suggest

> 2. Author reads "How-To Write <document-type />".
> 3. Author consults topic status list (a web page on cocoon web site) to
> make sure no other draft on this topic is in process.

Make (3) a part of the How-To? (i.e. as part of preparing to write, they
need to check the topic draft list.)

> 4. Author proposes topic and document structure (how-to, tutorial, faq)
> for new doc to <whom? />
> Question
> - Does cocoon-dev want to review each and every topic proposed, or do
> you want me/other document-oriented committers to handle topic
> submissions?

I think a more normal process would be for a "here's my doc, let me know
if there's any errors or if you think it's useful". Probably better for
them to dive straight in, and let the peer review process smooth out any
rough edges?

> 5. If topic approved, author drafts outline and sends to editor for
> review.

Let the editor review it along with everyone else on the list? Optionally
emailing the draft to the editor (or cocoon-doc@...) before/when posting
it to the list?

> 7. Editor forwards outline to the SME (subject matter expert).

This could probably be skipped ... let peer-review catch it. I think most
of the steps other than the ones highlighted here could be skipped, too.
If they prove to be needed, they can always be added back in.

> 12. Document QA testers perform usability tests.

Yes! Could new documents be thrown into bugzilla for review/QA approval in
some way?


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