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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject RE: validity information
Date Mon, 29 Apr 2002 09:49:29 GMT

> > Specifing the dependencies inside as sitemap parameter by hand sucks...
> > ..although it is a possible sollution ;)
> >
> > When the transformer could get the Validities of the previous pipeline
> > components (or at least the last one) this should be sufficient I guess.
> >
> > Carsten, or others... any idea how to obtain this information?
> > ...I am not sure if this possible at all...
> >
> Ok, I'm trying to be very wise today: ;)
> <turning on wise mode>
> It is not possible and not allowed because SoC
> <turning off wise mode>

*sigh* somehow I knew you would say that ;)

> Now, of course, I'm interested on why you need this information?

Well, the transformer collects and stores some information that has a
different validity than the pipeline data.

Let's assume a transformer that inserts data. So this means it's validity
depends on....

Transformer Output Validity depends on:
  a) the validity of the previous pipeline components
  b) the validity of the data that get's inserted by the transformer

Now the transformer also gathers information that only comes from the
pipeline. So the validity of this information only depends on the validity
of the previous pipeline components.

Gathered Information Validity:
 a) the validity of the previous pipeline components

What I am trying to achieve is not to change the gathered information when
2b) changes but only when 1a) = 2a) changes.

> I could imagine writing one pipeline components (stream and event
> pipeline) which handles this.

Could you please elaborate a bit more?


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