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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: [vote] Development Roadmap
Date Wed, 10 Apr 2002 14:38:19 GMT

> So, this said, here is the summary of the previous vote for 2.1-dev:
>  1) the TreeProcessor becomes the central pipeline manager. The old
> compiled sitemap gets removed (not 'deprecated' because that might
> happen in future versions of the 2.0.x branch, I see no need in
> deprecating this, expecially since the flow engine is based on this as
> well).


>  2) Ovidiu's work will be merged with the trunk, both code, docs and
> samples.


>  3) Sylvain will rebalance the TreeProcessor and the rest of the sitemap
> classes to make this transition more elegant (I personally fully trust
> his judgement on this so I don't want to detail this further)


>  4) Move stuff from the scratchpad into the trunk. In order to do this,
> we must identify what is a new feature and what is a new sample. Since
> the trunk is alpha, I would like to see the scratchpad 'cleared', so
> that either things are moved into the code or in the samples or removed
> entirely.

Don't know about this one... scratchpad means "no contracts yet". Why move
this out of the scratchpad if they are not ready for prime time yet?!

>  Some issues on the scratchpad:
>  a) the sunXXXX stuff must change name and things must be refactored to
> understand what is a global feature and what is a sample. I would like
> Carsten to propose a plan on this specificaly

+1 I guess this no alpha quality any more

>  b) the form-handling stuff should be merged into a coherent proposal
> and moved over to the trunk. The old stuff currently placed in the
> scratchpad should be removed.

Although we are trying to find a coherent proposal and merge all into
one working codebase I don't see us leaving the alpha state before 2.1.
Of course I'd like to see it go beta until that... and pressure is good...
But I am not sure we will make it... So I am only +0 on this

>  c) StoreJanitor: what is the status of this?
>  d) Modular database stuff: what is the status of this?
>  e) Sitebuilder: is based on JSP and nobody is currently maintaining it.
> Should we consider it 'dead' and throw it away?
>  f) Callback stuff: what is the status of this?
> Anyway, fear not about moving stuff from the scratchpad to the trunk
> because turning 2.1-dev into alpha makes the 'entire' module as a big
> scratchpad until things solidify and I think we need to do this sooner
> rather than later or some scratchpad code will fossilize into dead and
> abandoned code.
>                                    - o -
> You noted that I left out Cocoon Blocks, I would like to schedule them
> for 2.2 or, at least, start working on them *after* the flowscript
> engine is fully merged and the pipeline engine gets refactored in a
> stable manner.

hm... I changed my -1 for the components in the xconf into +0 on condition
that we are tackling this right after the latest release. Well, components
in xconf is something different than the cocoon blocks - but I like to
state that I am definitly not very amused pushing this back (maybe
until autumn this year)... :-(

> Tentatively, I would like to have 2.1 final released before the summer
> and a beta out in a few months.

yepp! definitly

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