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From Uli Mayring <>
Subject RE: [status & RT] design challenges
Date Sun, 07 Apr 2002 20:17:32 GMT
On 7 Apr 2002, Andrew C. Oliver wrote:

> I still think a declarative approach can be prescribed.  There are
> plenty of non-declarative approaches out there, and we don't really need
> one more.  One should differentiate Cocoon is a "next-generation"
> approach.  Don't dirty it with a kludge.  Meaning don't add something
> that is to Cocoon what JSP is to Object Oriented Programming and Java.
> ;-)


> >  2) reduce the creation of 'multipaths' to a minimum (a 'multipath' is
> > created when there is "more than one way to do it". It's up to *us* to
> > identify the best way to do something, it's not the user's concern!)
> +1

How does this go together? Prescribing something and reducing multipaths
will automatically induce a procedural algorithm. Declarative semantics
mean that you declare a set of rules and let the data drive the
application. The data selects the rules and a high-level processor applies
them. Thus it is the nature of declarative semantics that multipaths exist
and that the application developer has no interest in dealing with them.
Even more, he has no power to prescribe a certain path, only the data and
the rules determine solution paths.

What's more, the rules processor will even backtrack. That means that if
along a certain path no solution is found, it will go back to the last
choice point and try a different path. I'm not sure how useful this
paradigm is for specifying flow in a web app and whether it is even

But if you really want a "next-generation", declarative thing, then you
have to stop trying to control everything. Declarative concepts mean that
as an application developer you cannot just say "do this now" at any
arbitrary point. If you want full control and pre-determined paths, you
are probably better of with a procedural approach.


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