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From "Daniel Fagerstrom" <>
Subject RE: [Contribution] Pipe-aware selection
Date Wed, 03 Apr 2002 22:18:25 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> Daniel, people,
> I'm perfectly aware that I have a pending -1 on pipe-aware selection and
> that this is stopping this contribution that could be useful for many.
> But, please, understand this is a *very serious* design issue and it
> must not be underestimated.
> I have *not* forgot about this, I'm just busy as hell and my mind is not
> exactly 100% in good shape (due to severe emotional stress in this
> period). I know this is no excuse, but I don't want you to think I have
> forgotten by duty as main architect.
I think it is a very valid excuse, I always enjoy to read your writings, but
of course you must take care of your life outside the list (even if it makes
the list a little bit more boring ;)), hope you will feel better soon.

> I just don't want to do such important stuff with less than 100% brain.
> So, expect my comments soon.
Take your time. I am working on some multi page form handling stuff that
uses pipe-aware selection and some other new components, hopefully these
things will illustrate a little bit better why I think pipe-aware selection
is an important addition to Cocoon that makes input handling more elegant.

I would also like to make clear that my implementation doesn't change any
interfaces and doesn't cost anything extra if you don't use pipe-aware
selectors (ok, one extra test if the pipe-aware interface is implemented for
the selector, but that should be neglible in the overall context).

/Daniel Fagerstrom

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