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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject [RT]: Merging Stream And Event Pipeline
Date Tue, 02 Apr 2002 11:14:58 GMT

just a short and simple RT for today:

What do you all think about merging the stream and the event pipeline
into one single interface/object?
This would make the system less complex and reduce lookups per request
as well.

The splitting into those two objects was done to help implementing the
cocoon: protocol. But AFAIK everywhere always those two objects are
used in combination, even in the SitemapSource class implementing the
cocoon: protocol.

And as we want to make configurable pipelines for the next release,
this would be easier to handle as well.

I know this is an incompatible change, but I think this wouldn't hurt
anybody as I never heart of someone really implementing these interfaces.

So, comments etc are welcome!


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