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From Piroumian Konstantin <>
Subject RE: HEADS UP - cocoon form handling (long!!)
Date Thu, 11 Apr 2002 09:30:39 GMT
> From: [] 
>  Hello,
> <disclaimer>I have just joined this news group so I'm not 
> sure this message is
> going to end up in the right thread.  I'm going to cut and 
> paste some context
> from Konstantine Piroumian's latest post, just in case.</disclaimer>

Thanks for your comments. 

> I have been following the form handling discussions for some 
> time now ("lurking"
> is the term, I guess)  and would like to ditto most of what 
> Konstantine Pirouman
> has written.  Particularly about using XForms markup.  I have 
> just a few things
> to add...

<skip why="agree" />

> I am also completly in agreement (if I understand him) with 
> Konstantine's idea
> to use XForms markup as meta information during forms 
> processing.   If anything
> I am more enthusiastic than he  about using XForms markup for 
> the  entirety of
> the form description.  But I don't entirely understand what 
> he means by
> "use[ing] XForms markup for the presentation part (view)".  

This means: using XForms markup without parsing it into an object model then
use transformers to present it in the needed format, e.g. using XSLT.

> Perhaps he is
> referring to XForms elements like "toggle" or "switch/case" 
> that control the
> view in an XForms enabled client?  Anyway, I think even these 
> may be useful
> abstract constructs that can be transformed into the desired 
> target markup using
> xslt.

Something like that...


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