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From Konstantin Piroumian <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] map:redirect-to vs. map:forward
Date Tue, 09 Apr 2002 08:47:04 GMT
Hi, team!

I'd like to propose to add a <map:forward path="" /> node to sitemap.
Behavior should be the same as <map:redirect-to uri="cocoon:/..." />.
As redirect and forward are absolutely different in servlet environment then
it would be better to have separate elements for them. I'd leave
<map:redirect-to /> for real redirects (with 302 status code) and use
<map:forward /> for all internal forwards.

IMHO, forwarding is more obvious then redirect to 'cocoon:/...' uris and
this will reduce the number of questions in users list about the redirection
and its parameters. Also, I'd like to propose to add parameters support to
<map:forward />:

<map:forward path="next">
	<map:parameter name="page" value="{page}" />

What do you think?

Konstantin Piroumian
Lead Developer
ICQ#: 2297575
* Work Tel#:  +7 095 795 0520 * 1288
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