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From Konstantin Piroumian <>
Subject [Introduction] New commiters
Date Thu, 04 Apr 2002 10:29:23 GMT
Good <time-of-day />, team!

First of all I'd like to thank everyone for +1s and Stefano personally for
nominating me.
Let me introduce myself in a tradition.

				- o - 

As you know my name is Konstantin Piroumian. I was born in a country that
does not exist now - USSR, I am a native Armenian and last 8 years of my
life have been living in Moscow, Russian Federation. 28 yo, married, father
of 1 (almost 2) kid(s). Multilingual (i18n samples contain at least 3 my of
my translations, including English ;)).

				- o - 

My first meeting with computers occurred somewhere in 1988 when I played
games on a soviet BK-0010  ("everyday computer"-0010). After that I've been
studing applied mathematics in Moscow Aviation Institute and worked on old
VAX machines with Berkeley UNIX OS. Professionally I am in computer industry
since 1997 (not much, I know, but not so bad ;)). I've been dealing with web
applications since 1999 when my major task was to keep WebTV users happy on
our Online Game Portal with new Card games and Puzzles. Before that I had
several years of experience in developing desktop and database applications
with Delphi, Oracle, Interbase in various areas. 
Ok, enough history.

				- o - 

Currently, I am a Lead Developer in a UK company (, in
it's Moscow office, where I work on Web applications for a new generation
Billing & Customer Care System on J2EE platform. We've been using Cocoon
since its 1.8.0 version. I've created several cool webapp prototypes using
Cocoon 1.8 and 2alpha versions. That time I've made also my major
contribution to Cocoon - i18n transformer. Unfotunately, for some
political/technical reasons we've switched to a more "standart" solution:
JSP and Struts, so now Cocoon is just a hobby for me. Although, I don't give
up the idea to use it as our web application framework and it seems that my
collegues are almost ready to adopt it.

				- o - 

I am very interested in developing a Struts-like form handling and flow
control for Cocoon that will be based on XForms specification and be general
enough to be used in any kind of web application. Hope this time our
consolidated effort with Ivelin and Torsen will outcome into a valuable

Usually, I also take care of i18n and JSP stuff in Cocoon and provide
support to users. I am going also to proceed with samples refactoring and
will try to help in Apache Forrest, so Cocoon could have a good site, a good
documentation and good samples. All these along with Cocoon's internal power
should make it more popular, adopted and will create a lot of vacant seats
for cocooners, including me ;).

Thanks for your attention and sorry for my English grammar.

Best regards,

Konstantin Piroumian
Lead Developer
ICQ#: 2297575
Private Tel#:  +7 903 775 4216
Work Tel#:  +7 095 795 0520 * 1288

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