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From Peter Royal <>
Subject Re: [status & RT] design challenges
Date Mon, 08 Apr 2002 15:28:32 GMT
On Monday 08 April 2002 10:19 am, Jeremy Quinn wrote:
> Considering the success we have had recently, generating Schematron
> Validation XSLTs dynamically, it would be interesting to be able to
> <xsl:include/> StyleSheets generated via the sitemap, ie. via cocoon://
> protocol.

Keep in mind that currently the cachability of a TraxTransformer is only 
dependent on the lastmodified of the stylesheet itself, not anything that is 
imported or included.

It looks like it will be possible to fix that, by making the cachability of 
the TraxTransformer a 2-stage process.

1) First time it is run it is not cacheable at all, and makes note of all 
resources that are requested during the first run

2) After that the cachability can be based on the stylesheet itself + all the 
resources that it requested. Naturally a change in the request resources 
would result in invalidating the cache.

Granted this may not work in all circumstances, but instances where static 
stylesheets are xsl:include or xsl:import'ed, it should be okay.

peter royal ->

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