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From Peter Royal <>
Subject Xalan CVS / Extension Functions / XSLTC
Date Thu, 04 Apr 2002 21:03:44 GMT
I downloaded the 04-04 CVS snapshot of Xalan-J and tried the XSLTC support, 
but gave me some error about finding a class Gomer... (that's not the exact 
error, but i stopped after that)..

BUT the latest Xalan is *MUCH* faster in interpreted mode (3x for the 
stylesheet i was trying to optimize), *BUT* the extension function we use in 
xsp.xsl wasn't working correctly, I was just getting empty strings. I am thus 
running a modified xsp.xsl which removes use of the extension (I know my XSP 
sources will be fine w/o it).

But the question is, I know I'm playing with fire with the Xalan CVS 
snapshot. Has anyone had any luck with the recent ones wrt XSLTC or the 
extension functions?

peter royal ->

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