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From "Lewis, Andrew J" <>
Subject Cocoon at NASA....
Date Wed, 24 Apr 2002 19:46:33 GMT

	Many of you have probably seen my occassional comments on here - I
am mostly a lurker. But I wanted to let all of you know about the project I
am using Cocoon for (since December) - which only a couple of people on the
list knew about. I now have permission to let you know...

	Cocoon 2.x is being used as the core of a new portal that is being
built at NASA Kennedy Space Center. This portal will initally replace the
internal web site for the entire center, and then move to replace the
external home page. This deployment will include using a bunch of stuff that
is currently in the scratchpad of the released version (we are using 2.1-dev
right now), particularly the sunShine compoenents. Thanks you all for making
my job SOOO much easier!!!

	Some time later this year (government does not move fast)
WWW.KSC.NASA.GOV will be Cocoon powered!

	The project plan has been approved, the technical architecture has
been approved, and we are in formal design for the internal portal now.
About the only thing we are finding we have to code in Java is the
integration with TwICE for content syndication (I am hoping to get this
donated back as well). 

	Cocoon ROCKS! And this will make an awesome example of it....

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