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Subject Antwort: Re: Creating dynamic content using JSP like Tag implementation
Date Mon, 29 Apr 2002 08:06:19 GMT


yes, I think you already described the benefits:
  - Easily add new elements.
  - Modular.
  - No "if else" cascade in startElement and endElement.
  - only one Transformer needed in a pipeline for different transformation.

In our "WorldAccount" project we already had implemented a "TextTag" which we
use for i18n translation. In difference to I18NTransformer the key is a XPath
expression to the XMLResourceBundle and can return a string or a Node. I have
added a example of a ResourceBundle File.
If you like, we can work together rewriting I18NTransformer as a set of Tags.

Regards Volker

(See attached file: Text.xml)


This looks very similar to what is a transformer doing, except for the using
separate classes to handle every tag. And it's also looks like the SAXLet
idea, that has been proposed and maybe even implemented a while ago.

I've been thinking about reimplementing I18nTransformer using something like
this to be able to easily add new elements. Could you please elaborate more
on the advantages of your solution against the transformer approach, except
the flexible configuration?


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