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From "Georg Von Sperling" <>
Subject PATCH: making Cocoon 1.8 work with Tomcat4
Date Mon, 01 Apr 2002 19:03:47 GMT
Hello there,

I got to the point where to run C1.8.3-dev under T4 with some minor changes (it will run fine
without these, but exceptions are thrown when 

request.getRequestDispatcher("foo.xml").forward(request, response)

is called from an xsp. This is due to the change from the Servlet 2.2 spec of T3.x to the
Servlet 2.3 spec of the T4.x adheres to. When you compile the checkout of C1.8 currently in
CVS, the Servlet 2.2 jar is checked out. 

To make this functional:
1.) replace servlet_2_2.jar with servlet_2_3.jar (get it from
or use compiled attached)

2.) add method to org.apache.cocoon.response.HttpServletResponseFacade (attached)


  public void resetBuffer() {


3.) add methods to org.apache.cocoon.EngineWrapper (attached) :

	a.) Inner Class: org.apache.cocoon.EngineWrapper.HttpServletRequestImpl

        public StringBuffer getRequestURL() { return null; }
        public void setCharacterEncoding(String env) { };
        public Map getParameterMap() { return null; }
	b.) Inner Class: org.apache.cocoon.EngineWrapper.HttpServletResponseImpl

	  public void resetBuffer() { }

Hope this helps,
Georg von Sperling
MedAptus, Inc.

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