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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject documentation linking [was: Re: Cocoon and Web Services -- A Presentation at SD West 2002]
Date Fri, 26 Apr 2002 11:32:55 GMT
Ivelin Ivanov wrote:

> This should be referenced on the Cocoon Links page along with Ugo's 
> sample.

Yes, as a start. Or, perhaps someone -- Ugo, Pankaj? -- might consider 
refactoring/donating it into official Cocoon documentation -- as a 
how-to or an example?

This brings up an important point, raised by several already (Jeremy, 
Christian) on this list, about the need to implement efficient 
mechanisms for linking within Cocoon's internal document set. Can we 
address these concerns with a cleanly designed URI space, or do we need 
an xlink/shared glossary/transformer approach as described by Jeremy in:

I too use something similar to what Jeremy described (xinclude and XSLT) 
with my projects in their early stages, when the URI space/data 
structure isn't clear to me. However, as my project develops, I tend to 
be able to refactor my linking approach through intuitive URIs. However, 
I haven't dealt with a project that had so many potential contributors 
as well as this level of volatile content. I'm sure I'm overlooking 
other issues.

Any thoughts?


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