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From Bert Van Kets <>
Subject RE: Configuration of TreeBuilder
Date Mon, 29 Apr 2002 13:57:05 GMT
But I hear very often complains about too many configuration files for
>Cocoon (web.xml, logkit.xconf, cocoon.xconf, sitemap.xmap etc). By
>this further, we will get a smaller cocoon.xconf, but it will not get
>less complicated, I fear.

My thoughts exactly.  The information needs to stored somewhere, no?

>Using an XML editor (or a tool) for the cocoon.xconf makes the usage in
>my eyes much easier than splitting it into many parts. With an XML editor
>you can for example only display the top-level component nodes and simply
>select the component you want to change. So, it's still very simple. If
>you have several files, nearly all tools fail.

Why not add a cocoon.xconf editing tool.  This way the user/developer would 
not need an XML editor to configure Cocoon.  There's almost a sitemap 
editing tool.
Most applications have a configuration interface to set it up.  I guess 
Cocoon has become so big that it is very much in need of this.  I'd write 
it myself, but I don't have any free time for the coming months, sorry.


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