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From Ugo Cei <>
Subject Re: documentation linking [was: Re: Cocoon and Web Services -- A Presentation at SD West 2002]
Date Mon, 29 Apr 2002 13:56:56 GMT
Diana Shannon wrote:

> Yes, as a start. Or, perhaps someone -- Ugo, Pankaj? -- might consider 
> refactoring/donating it into official Cocoon documentation -- as a 
> how-to or an example?

FWIW, I hereby put the code in the Public Domain (90% of it was a 
cut&paste from the Google samples, BTW).

As soon as I have a couple of minutes, I will prepare a sample that 
could be included in the distribution, along with the other SOAP 
samples. But I still have the problem with the invalid UTF-8 encoding.

AFAIU, Google returns a response encoded in ISO, but without a proper 
declaration, thus Xerces assumes it is in UTF-8. Whenever the response 
contains a non-ASCII character, an exception is generated (see,+Apache+Software+Foundation 
for instance).

Pankaj, did you come across it? Did you solve it somehow?


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