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From Robert Koberg <>
Subject Re: [input needed] --- documentation questionnaire ---
Date Sun, 21 Apr 2002 13:46:01 GMT
Good Morning Diana,

Diana Shannon wrote:

> <snip-good-stuff/>
> Focus efforts on incremental development of useful, updated content 
> that users need *now*. If this effort results in enough content -- in 
> the future -- for a comprehensive manual, great. However, at the 
> present time, IMHO we should leave the writing of manuals to 
> third-parties.
>> -----------
>> 6. What documentation projects/examples do you admire? Any URLs or 
>> specific references will be greatly appreciated.
> 1. Interesting suggestion to me off-list was a wiki site.

It sounds like this needs a content management system. How about 
wynoa/xopus? It could also help that team solidify their product (if it 
is not already?), which is an Open Source CMS built in cocoon (as I am 
sure you know). Or perhaps it is on hold till cocoon blocks materialize?

>> -----------
>> 8. How can we make it easier/more inviting for people to participate 
>> in the document development process? What kinds of architectural 
>> mechanisms can we implement to support document 
>> development/refinement, given the current hosting environment of 
>> Cocoon's web site?
> 1. Is bugzilla the optimal way/place to gather user feedback? Is it 
> possible to design a more friendly front-end or a separate form 
> altogether?

Perhaps Wyona has something like this built in?

Or, how about something like Double Choco Latte 
( or some other project management tool (that 
has bug tracking)? It is still in beta. We use it internally and it 
works well, but it is PHP... Is there a project management 'project' for 


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