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From Simeon Walker <>
Subject Re: Ranting on a Wednesday evening [was: RE: Cocoon Marketing Position]
Date Thu, 11 Apr 2002 09:50:44 GMT
Uli Mayring wrote:
> Period     #user   #dev   /user   /dev   ratio
> 2001/2002  14504   18083  1116    1387   0.8
> 2000/2001  15664   10505  1205     808   1.5
> While development has substantially increased, usage has remained
> constant. Conclusion?
> Ulrich
AS a user I can say that it's very hard to use Cocoon. Don't
get me wrong, *I* love it and I can see the potential, but I
think that many potential users will look at it and think
'christ I'm never going to figure all that out' and then leave.

I've been following Cocoon for a long time but occasionally,
when I have had a lot of other work to do, I take my eye off
the ball. Given the fast moving nature of the project it means
that coming back to it after just a couple of months can be
very hard work.

Dare I mention the documentation? Ok I'll stick my neck out...
The missing bits of it and the lack of detail make things
hard for the users. There seem to be a number of places where
the available parameters and the use of them is not explained.
I'm often digging around in the source code to see if I can
figure out what's meant to be going on. I don't think that
the majority of users will even bother downloading the source

Ok, I've gone on more than I meant to here and it does sound
a bit critical. It's not really meant to, like I said, I love
Cocoon but it's hard work.


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